Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Notes from Apple Computer Educators

I recently had an opportunity to visit Apple Computer Headquarters and present with three other California superintendents in telling our story how technology is impacting learning in our respective districts.  I always enjoy these opportunities because I learn a great deal and get a feel for the latest push in educational technology.

Here are a few ideas, apps and trends I picked up:

Aurasma:  This is an augmented reality app.  This is very hard to describe, and the uses for education are endless.  The best way to describe it is to see a very simple introduction YouTube tutorial.  

Apps to look at and use more strategically in ourclasses
  • ·           Motion Math
  • ·           Algebra Touch
  • ·           Virtual history Roma 
  • ·           Frog dissection
  • ·           Milky Molly and the Tree Hut
  • ·           Romeo and Juliet 
We need to take advantage of these great tools:
  • ·           iBooks
  • ·           iBooks Author 
  • ·           iTunes U: Over 60000 free pieces of learning content
  • ·           iTunes U course manager
Dan Meyer is a celebrated math teacher witha great resource of videos:  
He gives an excellent example of the "why" behind the common core math principle.  

Educreations App: like Explain Everything but free
Had them ticket exit through Google forms

Chicago City School teachers have students fill out form in their learning management system called Schoology.  The form immediately tells the teacher who understood the lesson.  The teacher calls this an “Exit Ticket.”  What is powerful is the student response (if incorrect) will immediately guide the student to a tailored lesson already set up in iTunes U!

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  1. Attended a Schoology session at the past CUE conference (at which I attended as Mr. Merlo). The District should sersiously consider becoming a Schoology district.

    I have heard about this "Exit Ticket" before but not about the student's response, if incorrect, guiding the student to a tailored lesson. Would like to learn more about this!