Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Classroom Tips for Teachers

Three Classroom Blogging Tips for Teachers

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“Bill Ferriter draws on his own classroom experience with blogging to bring us three valuable tips on how to really make blogging work in a classroom setting. This article was featured by him recently on TransformED.”
This teacher has three very effective and proven strategies that promote successful student bloggin.  Our push in our entire district is to create great writers.  Blogging is a great way for students to practice and edit their writing as well as express themselves in powerful ways.
Here is a quick outline of the three tips with key comments from the author:
Tip 1:  Create ONE Topic-Focused Blog
A lesson that I learned early in my work with blogs is that they are far more vibrant — and attract far more attention — when they are updated regularly.  The challenge for student bloggers, then, is generating enough content to bring readers back for more.
Tip 2: Train Student Editors to Lead Your Blogging Project

Training student editors makes classroom blogging projects WAY more manageable for classroom teachers.  More importantly, training student editors reminds students that THEY can be powerful WITHOUT needing the help of their teachers.

Tip 3: Recruit Readers and Commenters to Your Blog
I always recruit volunteer readers and commenters when my students are working on a blogging project.

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