Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Reflection on our Bootcamp

I appreciate the learning and the excitement behind the learning exhibited by our staff in Monday's (October 14, 2013) all day district sponsored "Technology Bootcamp."  This is our third year of the Bootcamp, and it is encouraging to see how this is becoming a part of our culture.  I think it is important to take a "time out" from our busy schedule and spend a day focused on learning how technology can enhance our practice to enhance student learning.

In reflecting on the work our teachers are doing as well as the learning, I can say we are continually growing in our proficiency in using the technology in more effective and applicable ways.  It is great to see our own teachers provide some of the training.  I am sure many more of our teachers would be able to do the same knowing the expertise that exists in our District.

A quote that impressed me provided by the presenter in a break out session on Project Based Learning was:

"We don't need our kids to memorize facts; we need them to be able to use those facts."

I also enjoyed the presentation from our Keynote speaker, Jim Sill.
The perspective is refreshing, and his insight and experiences as a teacher lend much credibility to his emphasis on how learning can be leveraged using technology.  I always appreciate the "techie" perspective since they are in the know so to speak when it comes to technology use trends especially by our teenagers.  I was sitting in the back of the room and would at many times glance at the high schoolers (Corcoran High School Associated Student Body Officers who helped serve during the luncheon) that were standing in the back of the room.  They were very in tune to our presenters tech jargon and references to the latest and greatest tech trends.  They were totally engaged and interested in the presentation!  I think that speaks volumes about this generation of students, their interests, and where they spend their time.  Does this not reinforce the power of leveraging tech tools in their day to day connections with school and communications with staff and peers?

I understand that one Technology Bootcamp Professional Day is not going to make a big difference over night.  But, I do also understand how reinforcing the rationale and the practice of using technology in powerful ways can make a huge difference in our work with our students on a daily basis.

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