Thursday, February 14, 2013

Student Creativity

Mark Twain Principal Mike Anderson and I had the honor of interviewing a few of the students from Mrs. Gomes' fourth grade classroom.  The subject was a presentation they created as an assignment in English Language Arts.  They created what looked like a news interview regarding a pressing issue at school.  The students were required to provide solutions to the presented issue.  Students were required to write a script approved by the teacher and they were to be creative in producing this iMovie (not all students made iMovies as some used posters).  These students did a very good job of speaking, writing and discussing content in a very academic way.

It was encouraging to see how our teachers and students create and use lessons that augment their learning.  Both students were very proud of their work, and I have to say Mr. Anderson and I were "beaming" with pride at our students learning in such dynamic and powerful ways.

John Muir Essay Contest
The photo at right came from the front page of the Fresno Bee where it was the featured of the Ag Expo. The John Muir students pictured won an essay contest about Agriculture to attend the event.

Thoughts on 21st Century Learning

The following link takes you to an article that helps us being to define what 21st Century Learning looks like and how it can be embedded in the work for our district:

21st Century Learning

The following graphic helps us see how the skills are grouped:

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